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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
Build Powerful, Modern Business Applications in the Cloud
with Drag-n-Drop Simplicity
ParaSQL is an advanced Model-Driven, Data-Centric platform for
Rapid Business Process Automation and Integration
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Build Powerful Business Applications.
Faster than anyone thought possible.

With ParaSQL you can build powerful, cloud-based business applications with drag-n-drop simplicity. These apps can run on any device, anywhere in the world. Desktop or mobile optimized. You can even integrate with APIs – without writing a line of code.

Enterprise-grade features like triggers, stored procedures, API events, and role-based security means it can scale to meet demanding requirements. Yet because all UI layout, reporting, charting and even integration with other systems is done via drag-n-drop, the first cut of even a complex application can be built in just a few afternoons.

Next-Generation Integration

ParaSQL is the only platform available today with a Neo-Federated architecture that radically simplifies integration with APIs.

We think it's the future. Check out our list of Plug-n-Play integration drivers here for a list of integrations available today.

A traditional federated architecture treats multiple databases within a single company as a single logical database. ParaSQL's Neo-Federated architecture extends this concept to web APIs allowing you to treat internal databases and web APIs as a single logical database.

CSS Themes

Flexible Look & Feel

ParaSQL allows you to fully customize the CSS for your applications.

Cloud-Native Platform

ParaSQL is built on top of the Google Cloud Platform using advanced cloud-native APIs. This provides an extremly high level of reliability, scalability, speed and security.

ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner.

Powerful Possibilities

New technology creates new opportunities.

The New "Must Have" Technology

Model-Driven / Data-Centric technology is the new "must have" for competitiveness.

Watch the Demo Video